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Anouk tweak
Jailbreak Tweaks - Cydia / Sileo / Zebra

Comprehensive Guide to Anouk Tweak for iOS 15 and Beyond

Here is all the knowledge and guide about the Anouk tweak for iOS.

Yandevelop’s Anouk software improves iOS privacy features by adding an extra layer of protection to hidden albums in the Photos app. Furthermore, Anouk’s recent edition extends this precaution to third-party programmes as well.

This fix works with both rootful and rootless jailbroken setups, and is compatible with iOS versions 13.0 through iOS 16. Palera1n, Dopamine, XinaA15, unc0ver, and others are among them.

On pwned iOS 15 devices, Anouk requires biometric or passcode authentication to access the Hidden album.

User privacy is very important to many individuals, which is why Apple waited until iOS & iPadOS 16 to demand biometric identification before accessing the Hidden album in the native Photos app.

Fortunately, iOS developer yandevelop has just released a new and free jailbreak patch called Anouk that forces biometric identification to access the Hidden album in the Photos app for anyone who has jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 15 with Fugu15 Max or palera1n.

HiddenAlbum14 provided the same functionality on jailbroken installations of iOS & iPadOS 14 and older, but the newest edition supports newer firmware just below iOS & iPadOS 16, in which Apple enabled this feature natively.

Anouk tweak
Anouk tweak

Anouk does not support the XinaA15 jailbreak, which has recently been deprecated by both the Sileo and Zebra teams and is now being considered for discontinuance due to the popularity of Fugu15 Max.

Anyone interested in trying Anouk can get it for free from the Havoc repository using whatever package manager they like. The patch is just for pwned iOS & iPadOS 15.X devices and is available for free on the developer’s GitHub page.

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Add Anouk Tweak – Repository

Anuk was provided as a DEB package that may be deployed on a jailbroken environment ranging from iOS 13.0 to iOS 16.7.2. The tweak was made available via Havoc. To install the most recent version of Anouk, add the repository to your preferred package manager.

What is new in Tweak?

  • Anouk adjustment has been updated to the most recent version.
  • Anouk now shields the secret album from third-party programmes as well.
  • The option to show a lock icon instead of the item count has been added (for iOS 15+).
  • Using a novel approach, we sped up the authentication process.
  • The settings page has been redesigned for improved usability.
  • The whole code was refactored.

Introduction to Anouk tweak

Anouk is a jailbreak tweak that adds a layer of security to the secret pictures album. Once it is installed, you will need to use biometric identification to get into the Hidden album, both in the Photos app and in other apps. With this new feature update, however, the creator has chosen to make the change closed source and charge $0.99 for it.

Anouk tweak is compatible with all modern jailbreaks for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16. As of now, iOS 17 is not officially supported, although it may be in future updates.

The Anouk tweak works perfectly with the Photos app after it is installed. When you try to open a Hidden album, you are asked to verify your identity with Face ID or your PIN in order to see the hidden material. It is important to note that as of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, the built-in Photos app requires facial verification before letting you into the Hidden album. Things that are older don’t have this feature.

Anouk has expanded its protection to third-party apps, added the option to display a lock icon instead of item count (compatible with iOS 15+), improved authentication speed with a new technique, revamped the settings page for improved usability, refactored the entire code, and addressed a FaceID issue on certain devices in version 1.1.1, while version 1.1, released 7 months ago, added preferences, the option to lock “Recently deleted,” iPad support, and preliminary iPad support.

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