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How to share Apple Music songs, albums, charts with others

Apple Music: Share Songs Albums Playlists
Apple Music: Share Songs Albums Playlists

As Apple Music customers, we can share our favourite songs, albums, and playlists with friends who also use the streaming service. A very handy resource for discovering new music, which we can do very easily from the music app on our iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

It’s crucial to remember that, while we pay a monthly membership, we don’t own the music. Thus, when we say “share,” we mean giving a link that allows the recipient to readily access the selected song, album, or playlist.

Thus, delivering these URLs from our iPhone, iPad, or Mac is as simple as the following steps:

We launch the music app on our iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

We search for the song, album, or playlist we wish to transmit.

We used the three-dot button in the upper right corner of a list or album, and the three-point button to the right of any song in the case of an individual track.

We pick to share a song, album, or playlist.

We choose how to send the link to the other person.It could be by messages, mail, airdrop, or other messaging apps.We can also experiment with copying and then sticking it where we like.

That was easy.When the recipient receives and opens the link, he will be sent directly to the Music app on his smartphone, where he will see the content that we have sent him.From there, you may listen to it directly or save it to your personal library.

Sharing our music has never been easier.As Apple Music subscribers, we can access additional content while also interacting with our friends and family through music.With these simple steps, much like in Apple Music Classical, we may discover new music together and let others know who we want songs, albums, or lists.


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