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AirDrop also works over cable: how to make use of its fast speed

AirDrop, a crucial tool for those of us who frequently switch between Apple devices, has a tiny secret: the wireless file transfer protocol also works over a cable connection. This feature, which has been accessible for some time, has recently regained popularity on social networks. Let us look at how to take use of the high speed offered by a connected connection when utilizing AirDrop.

As easy as AirDrop, but via cable.

Aside from broadening the settings in which we can utilize AirDrop, the connected system provides substantially faster transfer speeds and, most importantly, improved stability in connections and transfers. This is something we will notice if we need to transfer a huge number of items, and it undoubtedly increases the system’s versatility.

The option to use AirDrop over wired connection has been available since iOS 17 and the release of the iPhone 15 Pro. To take advantage of this capability, we will require a USB-C connection from version 3.2 or later, which supports transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. Now, how can I use AirDrop over a cable? Very simple.

Simply connect our iPhone or iPad to our Mac with a USB-C connector. Then, after touching, if required, Trust the device on both the iPhone or iPad and the Mac, we simply select the file(s) to transfer, select AirDrop, and begin the transfer.

The experience will be the same, with the exception that beneath the title of AirDrop, we will notice the message “Using wired connection”.


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