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Hammer it tweak

Hammer it tweak is a text processing tweak. The HammerIt window can be called up by selecting texts from the action menu or by floating ball after copied texts or pictures, and the selected text or the copied contents can be separated into words, translated, searched, etc.

This makes the translation function on iOS 15 better. You can get to it from the text action menu or from a floating ball that shows up after you copy text or pictures. You can translate text, do searches, and a lot more with Hammer It. You can also separate copied or chosen text into individual words.

How to download Hammer It Tweak?

Hammer it tweak: iOS 15 text and OCR translator
Hammer it tweak: iOS 15 text and OCR translator

Put the tweak on iOS 15 by adding Hammer it Repo to your package manager:

Features of HammerIt tweak

  • HammerIt window
    • Output in selected order or original order
    • Preview of selected text
    • Continuous copy
    • Open link, search, translate
    • Long press copy button for more actions
    • Long press search button to seach in other apps
    • Long press on a word block to separate the block again
    • Double tap on a word block to edit it
  • Translation window
    • Long press on the floating ball for quick envoke
    • Compare original text with translated text
    • Automatic text language recognition
    • Tap the hint label to retranslate
    • Long press the hint label to switch other translation services
  • Image OCR
    • Floating ball appears after you copied a image
    • Click on the floating ball to OCR the image and split the words
    • Long press on the floating ball to OCR and translate the image
  • Control Center
    • Full-screen screenshot OCR with word separated
    • Full-screen screenshot OCR and translate
    • Segment the most recent record on the clipboard
  • Gestures(need SquidGesture installed)
  • Support integration with AppStore/QQ/Tim/Wechat/Twitter/Things3/Telegram/iMe/Nicegram/Sileo/Saily/Discord

Test environment:

Tested on (Dopamine iPhone/iPad 15.1.1~15.4.1 rootless), (Palera1n iPad/iPhone 15.7.4 rootless), (Palera1n iPhone 15.2.1 rootfull)

  • Dopamine: v1.0.5 + ElleKit 1.0
  • Palera1n: v2.0.0-beta.7 + ElleKit 1.0

There are some problems with copying on iOS16+, so floating ball needs to be turned off. And the system edit menu settings are broken.

Introduction to Hammer It Tweak

The Hammer It Tweak simplifies the process of translating selected text into several languages. Users may easily explore multiple languages thanks to the integrated DeepL translation service and quick access to the Baidu API. Hammer takes a step further by using the Baidu translation API, which allows for text translation from photos using powerful OCR technology.

Once Hammer has been properly installed, a separate preference pane is elegantly integrated into the Settings app. This simple interface allows you to not only enable the tweak and select your chosen translation service, but also tailor all accessible options to your tastes. The tweak was tested using the Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks.

Hammer it gives you a few windows to work on translations. You can choose whether to present the translated text in the chosen order or the original order in the Hammer lt box. With the preview function, you can see what the chosen text will look like before it is translated. If you turn on continuous copy, you can easily copy and paste without stopping.

enhanced search and translation features

Additionally, it is easy to open links, do searches, and translate right from the window. Long-pressing the search button will let you look through other apps and expand your search options. If you want to split up a block of words, just press and hold on the block for a while.

In the Translation window, you can quickly and long-press on the moving ball to open the translation window right away. The original text and the translated text can be seen next to each other, which makes it easy to check and come back to. You don’t have to choose the language by hand with the automatic text language recognition tool.

To use Image OCR, you need to make the Baidu API work. A floating ball shows up on the screen after you copy a picture. Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to split the words in the picture when you click on the floating ball. A long press on the floating ball also starts OCR and translation of the picture, which supports a lot of languages.

Hammer it adds three useful Control Centre tools to make your experience even better. Full-screen OCR of screenshots with word separation (needs Baidu API):
Take a screenshot of the whole screen and use OCR to get the words out of it. The words are cleverly separated to make them easier to read and more accurate.

The Hammer It tweak was made available as a free rootless package for the Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks for iOS 15. Please keep in mind that this tweak will not work with non-rootless jailbreaks.

To start utilising the Hammer It tweak, take these steps:

  • First language translation: If the source text is not in your primary language, Hammer It will automatically translate it into it.
  • Secondary language translation: If the source material is in your first language, Hammer It will convert it to your second language.
  • If you choose to utilise the Baidu API service, enter your app ID and key in the settings below. Additionally, be sure to enable Baidu Translate’s [General Text Translation] and [Language Recognition] features. Please keep in mind the service’s monthly free quota when using it.

How to add Repository?

In order to get the Hammer it tweak, you need to add the original Havoc Store source to Sileo Sources. This great tweak will translate text and pictures on iOS 15 if you add Hammer it Repo to your package manager. As of now, Hammer only works with jailbreaks that don’t require root on iOS 15 to iOS 15.7.6. It should also work with the XinaA15 hack for iOS 15.

Follow these steps to add the Hammer it tweak to your iOS 15 with Sileo:

  1. From the Home Screen, open the Sileo app.
  2. Click on the Sources tab and then on the Edit button.
  3. Add the following URL to the repository:
  4. Hack
  5. To get the package, find the Hammer it tweak and tap on it.
  6. To finish setting up Sileo, you will be asked to “respring” the gadget.
  7. Get to the Hammer it settings from the Settings app.

What’s recent?

Added to Try to get it to 1.4.5.
Support for Swiftgram, Vartagram, and Telegram has been added.
It now works with Twitter, QQ, Tim, and WeChat, among other apps.
Added a built-in service for images.
Fixed a bug and added the Google Text translation service.
Overall, things are better and bugs are fixed.

Credit – Contact :

Please contact me with if you:

  • Find bugs
  • Want to help me with language localization of the tweak
  • Good advice of features on this tweak

Thanks to everyone who contributed to jailbreak!


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