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iPhone Messaging app hidden features?

Although the iPhone messaging app is an essential tool for communication, are we sure to be aware of all its hidden features? It’s possible to overlook the many features and personalization choices the Apple messaging app offers. Please see them.

Touching the “+” messages within messages creates an application menu in a list. This is expandable, reorderable, and customizable.

We must hold onto the application we wish to transfer and drag it inside to change its order. Touching the “More” button (or sliding it up) will expand the list so we may see other installed programs on the iPhone.This “extended” list of programs can be adjusted in the same manner as previously shown, and if we slide above, it can even replace the “main” list.

Pressing and holding the “+” button next to the text field allows us to quickly access our photographs. The photo library opens immediately, and we can choose the pictures we wish to transmit with a single, lengthy tap.

All common emojis can be used as text stickers, enabling us to create amusing emoji scenarios during chats. To accomplish this, press the emoticon button in the bottom left corner of the keyboard, hold down the desired emoji, and drag it to the desired message bubble (from any position).

We can overlap multiple emojis or stickers in a messaging bubble to create more intricate compositions. As a result, it is also feasible for us to delete one of them. Holding the message bubble containing the disputed stickers, we touch “sticker details” and move the sticker we wish to remove to the left.

We can create animated stickers out of our live images. Do you know that? Just click the “+” button next to the text field, choose Stickers, and then touch the “+” or “new sticker” button on the Stickers menu to select “Live” photos. That’s how it’s done. The only way to get the messages to move the subject into an animated sticker that repeats continuously is to select the relevant Live Photo. It’s an enjoyable way to commemorate important occasions with loved ones.

To reply to a particular message, slide the message you wish to respond to to the right. This will highlight the chosen message and enable us to write our response right away, helping us keep track of who is responding to whom in group conversations.

The option to send audio messages with messages won’t show up right away if we don’t typically send them (the speaker icon we see indicates that a written message has been sent). We’ll have to search for “audio” using the “+” button next to the text box to locate it.

Naturally, messages remember the last text message we sent, so if we find ourselves needing to send voice messages one after the other, at the very least, an audio wave-shaped icon (some red rallies) will appear on the right side of the text field, allowing us to quickly record our audio message by pressing it.
We can adjust the speed at which the auditory communications that reach us reproduce, even if it may not seem like an easy visa.

To access the reproduction speed option menu, we need to hold down the “Play” button on the message reproduction button, not the message itself. We have a choice of 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2x. This secret feature comes in rather handy when listening to specific audio messages.

With these hidden features of the app messages, we can communicate with our friends and family more quickly and effectively. Examples of these features include customizing the drop-down menu, turning Live Photos into animated stickers, and changing the speed of audio messages.


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