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HALO jailbreak tweak
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HALO jailbreak tweak

The HALO jailbreak tweak brings the Now Playing Lock Screen UI from iOS 16 to iOS 15.

Many people would agree that iOS 16 improved the Lock Screen’s Now Playing media interface over iOS 15.Fortunately, jailbreakers on iOS 15 can now install HALO by iOS developer uz, a new jailbreak tweak.ra, which attempts to mimic the modern UI experience on older firmware, is now available.

The patch replaces iOS 15’s widget-like Now Playing interface with the more desirable iOS 16-esque full-screen experience, as shown in the before (left) and after (right) screenshot samples above.

The creator adds that the tweak’s widget design is heavily influenced by the Printemps tweak, which can be seen in its design aesthetics.

To me, the updated interface appears to be a lot more polished than the older one, and as a result, I can definitely recommend it if you care about how things look on your smartphone, especially if you listen to a lot of music.

Once installed, you will find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure a few options to your liking:

The things you can do here include:

  • Activating or deactivating the blur effect
  • Whether to hide or show the progress bar
  • Whether to conceal or reveal the knob
  • Hiding or displaying iPhone or iPad text
  • Restarting your device will save all changes.
  • And there’s more…

If you want to give Halo a shot, you can pick up the tweak for 300 yen (just over $2 in USD). It’s offered through the developer’s own Booth storefront rather than any package manager repository.

HALO is only for jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 15 devices, specifically those jailbroken with Dopamine and XinaA15 v2. Rootful iOS and iPadOS 14 jailbreaks will be supported in the future.

HALO jailbreak tweak introduction

HALO, created by uz.ra, is a creative jailbreak hack that modifies the Lock Screen music player widget by infusing it with an iOS 16-inspired style. This innovative change introduces a new and modern aesthetic to improve the user experience. HALO is available for purchase as a premium package at a reasonable price of around $2.00 USD. With HALO, you can enhance your iOS customisation and experience a new and attractive music player interface on your lock screen.

Get HALO Tweak

The HALO modification is supplied as a DEB package, which users can easily download and import into popular package managers such as Sileo or Cydia. Notable for its adaptability, HALO supports rootless systems running Dopamine and XinaA15 jailbreaks.

What is HALO?

HALO jailbreak tweak
HALO tweak

HALO is a jailbreak tweak that adds the aesthetic beauty of iOS 16 to the lock screen of older iOS 15 devices. This edit modifies the music widget’s default appearance, resulting in a visually remarkable alteration. HALO introduces a modern and expansive design with a big album cover and minimalist controls that take up the entire screen. This tweak works with rootless jailbreaks.

Once installed, HALO automatically adds a new preference to the Settings app. You have the freedom to modify all options to your tastes here. These options include turning off the blur on the control view’s background, displaying a progress bar, highlighting a knob on the time bar, and removing the less-than-ideal “iPhone” text when played via the device speaker. The easy settings menu allows you to easily customise your HALO experience.

The HALO modification gives your iOS device a revitalised aesthetic, delivering a fresh and contemporary design that breathes new life into it, even while running iOS 15. This tweak was created by uz.ra, who did an amazing job of making it extremely user-friendly.

The developer has promised to include more customisation options in future editions. To display the current song progress, users can now toggle options such as the knob and progress bar. Keep an eye out for updates that will broaden the number of customisation options and improve your experience with the modification.

Consider trying out the Gradi modification, which smoothly adds a player inspired by YouTube Music/Google Music to the iOS platform. ReachPlayer, on the other hand, provides a free solution that allows you to activate a sleek and minimalistic music widget player within your iOS device’s Reachability feature. Investigate these options to personalise your music player experience.

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What is new?

  • The HALO tweak has been updated to the most recent version.
  • “Show progress bar” option has been added.
  • The “Show Knob” option has been added.

HALO Jailbreak Tweak FAQ

Q: What is HALO, and what does it do? A: HALO is a jailbreak tweak designed by developer uz.ra for iOS 15 devices. It transforms the Lock Screen music player widget to resemble the Now Playing interface found in iOS 16, offering a more modern and polished look.

Q: How much does HALO cost, and where can I get it? A: HALO is priced at 300 Yen (approximately $2 USD) and is available for purchase through the developer’s Booth storefront. It is not hosted on traditional package manager repositories.

Q: Is HALO compatible with my iOS device? A: HALO is specifically designed for jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 15 devices. It currently supports devices jailbroken with Dopamine and XinaA15 v2. Support for Rootful iOS and iPadOS 14 jailbreaks is planned for future releases.

Q: What customization options does HALO offer? A: Once installed, HALO provides a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app. Users can customize options such as activating or deactivating the blur effect, showing or hiding the progress bar, concealing or revealing the knob, and displaying or hiding the iPhone or iPad text on the Lock Screen.

Q: How do I install HALO on my jailbroken device? A: HALO is supplied as a DEB package, which users can download and import into popular package managers such as Sileo or Cydia.

Q: Can I revert the changes made by HALO? A: Yes, changes made through HALO’s customization options can be reverted by restarting your device. The tweak provides flexibility for users to experiment with their preferred settings.

Q: Are there future updates planned for HALO? A: Yes, the developer has promised to include more customization options in future editions. Updates may introduce additional features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

Q: What’s new in the latest version of HALO? A: The latest version of HALO includes the addition of the “Show progress bar” and “Show Knob” options, providing users with more control over the appearance of the Lock Screen music player widget.

Q: Are there alternative tweaks similar to HALO? Yes, users may consider exploring other tweaks like Gradi, which adds a player inspired by YouTube Music or Google Music, or ReachPlayer, a free solution that activates a sleek and minimalistic music widget player within the iOS device’s Reachability feature.

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